Popup Pad


Make notes on your PC so you don't forget anything


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How many times have you had to remember something and wrote it on a little scrap of paper that you ended up losing? It could be a phone number, a Post-it with a reminder, or a brilliant idea – but once the paper is lost, the idea is gone forever.

Popup Pad is a useful tool designed to keep track of notes, ideas, and other important things. This way, you can write them down when you think of them without losing the information later.

You can even use Popup Pad as temporary storage by copying and pasting text into it. It's basically a simplified version of Notepad where you can copy, paste, save, and open files with your ideas and notes. It's also a great way to leave messages for users of your computer.

The trial version doesn't allow you to change the color or size of the text.

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